Saturday, March 31, 2012


Did I say simple? Yes. I did!

Happy SATURDAY beautiful people!

As you've read in my prior post YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT I was expecting the best from my body while not giving my body the best! I got involved with a fitness/ weight loss group to finally tackle my battle of the bulge! To my surprise, I've been successful! I've lost 25lbs so far, & I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life! As I approach the 90 day mark of my #Drop30by30 fitness campaign, I am seeking ways to maintain my weight loss & continue my quest to be healthy & fit! There are many ways to take on weight loss, & millions of fads to follow to get in shape. So much so, that it might just drive you crazy. I think its important to start off slow & set little goals in order to achieve larger ones. Also, get with like-minded people that can motivate you & encourage you to achieve those little goals.

So...We've all heard of BeachBody right ??? The folks behind P90X, Hip Hop Abs & MANY other workout videos! Their motto is DECIDE, COMMIT, SUCCEED! Its been my motivation & hopefully you can adopt it too..See, I told you it was SIMPLE!

Based on some desire in your life, you must DECIDE that a change is necessary. Set a goal to accomplish!

I want to fit those jeans again!
I want to keep up with my children!
I want to fight diabetes, high BP, obesity!
I want to be fit!

Once that goal has been set, you must determine what it will take to achieve the goal & then COMMIT to it!

I'm going to run 2 miles a week!
I'm going to stop drinking sodas!
I'm going to lower my sugar intake!
I'm going to replace one meal a day with a fresh salad!

The most simple part! You made a decision, you stuck to doing what it takes to make it a reality. You get the results!

The jeans fit!
You're playing with the kids & not out of breath. Hell, you wore them out!
Your sugar level decreases, BP regulates!
You feel energized! Lighter! Refreshed!

This can be used in other aspects of life as well. Work, businesses, relationships. Some of you are on the first step with your health & fitness! You've DECIDED there's a problem! Some of you may still need to DECIDE it's time to change! Some of us are battling the COMMIT part! We want change, it's hard! Don't be discouraged! It's important that you follow through in order to SUCCEED! Once you've succeeded with that goal, set a new one! Recognize that life is a series of processes. Take it 1 day at a time, 1 goal at a time, 1 small victory at a time! Before you know it, you'll have won so many small battles, you'll have already won the war! DO NOT BE DEFEATED!!! EVER!

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