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I've received some inquiries related to choosing cosmetics for cleansing, toning, moisturizing etc., & I wanted to address this publicly for the greater good of all FACES. Unfortunately choosing the best cosmetics for your particular skin is a real trial & error type of process. When you're lucky enough to find products that work for you, sometimes you still have to play the cosmetic field because skin changes over time. (Sometimes as much as in the course of a month) For women, changes can occur more often due to hormonal changes in our bodies. For both men & women, activity level, age, diet & other factors can influence the function of skin cells causing us to require specific products to maintain our skin's natural moisture level, softness & function.

My advice is always to give a product at least 2 weeks to determine it's efficacy, or adequacy, for your skin type. Unless, of course, you experience irritation or sensitivity. It's not as simple as grouping skin types & suggesting one product for all, because even within specific skin types we have variations of what we can handle on our skin. This is why cosmetic aisles are saturated with products, making your decision that much more difficult.

I'll provide you with some general characteristics of cosmetics that work best on different skin types & then its up to you to do your homework & footwork to find what best suits your individual needs. Let's go!!

You can typically categorize your skin type as 1 or more of the following 5: Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination or Sensitive.

There's a simple test described at All Women's Talk that suggests using a clean dry facial tissue(Kleenex, etc.) to wipe your face first thing in the morning. What you find on the tissue will help reveal your skin type.

REMEMBER: ALL skin types require the daily 3-part regimen of CLEANSING, TONING & MOISTURIZING!
Normal Skin:
Considered slightly moist, soft, elastic & flexible.
Wiping the face with the tissue will result in no visible residue or oil.
This skin type in generally non-problematic & requires the use of basic cosmetic products free of medicinal & therapeutic agents.

Oily Skin:
Characterized by abnormally high amounts of oil secretion; can often lead to acne (inflammation) & blackheads.
Wiping the face with the tissue will show a visible oily or greasy residue.
This skin type requires the use of cosmetic products that aid in oil-retention & reduction of enlarged pores. Salicylic-acid is a minor abrasive astringent used in most products made for oily skin. The desire of this skin type to reduce the 'shiny' appearance often results in the use of alcohol based products & lack of moisturizers. ALWAYS moisturize, but use creams that are less heavy & rich! NEVER use alcohol on the skin! Why, K. Sweet? Alcohol overly dries the skin & contributes to wrinkles! :) Don't do it!

***It is a feat to find toners containing absolutely no alcohol at all. It's safe to say that if alcohol is not the first ingredient listed on the product, it's not as concentrated & therefore not as harsh on the skin.***

Dry Skin:
This skin type is associated with a lack or insufficient amount of oil production. Typically dry skin can exhibits flakiness, sometimes redness & dry & scaly patches; can lead to whiteheads (caused by oil retention)
Wiping the face with e tissue will show no visible residue. The skin feels tight, dried out & possibly irritated.
This skin type requires the use of moisture enriching products. Avoid any product that contains alcohol or harsh astringents.

Combination Skin:
The most common skin type; characterized by both dry & oily areas. The T-zone, the area of the face comprised of the forehead and nose in a T shape, is often the oily area of combination skin, with dry areas around eyes & cheeks.
Wiping the face with the tissue will exhibit residue in the T-zone & no residue in the other areas of the face.
Combination skin requires attention to both areas, separately, to achieve uniformity in the skin's appearance. Treat oily areas as you would oily skin, & dry areas as you would dry skin. Cleanse oily areas often & Moisturize dry areas thoroughly. Many products specify their use for combination skin. These products are scientifically created with buffers that neutralize oily areas & treat dry areas simultaneously.

Sensitive Skin:
Probably the most problematic as it can become highly irritated by cosmetics; usually dry, or flaky & may show redness.
Wiping with the facial tissue alone could spark irritation; may exhibit same signs as dry skin but to a greater degree.
Products for sensitive skin are usually therapeutic in nature; providing some medicinal agent that helps to cool, calm & control the skin's irritation. Many products for sensitive skin contain Aloe Vera & Vitamin A, C, D or E,(or a combination of them)- all influential in balancing out skin deficiencies.

I hope that this information gives you a better understanding of your skin & assists you in determining the best product for you.

K. Sweet's Tips for Cosmetic Product Use

1. No matter what your skin type always CLEANSE, TONE & MOISTURIZE daily!
2. Avoid products containing alcohol as it dries the skin & causes wrinkles!
3. Allow a product about 2 weeks to determine if it's good for your particular skin!
4. Avoid products containing fragrances, parabens, sulfates, artificial color/ dyes, or anything you can't pronounce.
5. Discontinue use of any product that causes inflammation or irritation. Seek medical attention if this continues.
6. Don't feel obligated to use the same line of product for cleansing, toning & moisturizing. Just be aware of conflicting properties.
7. Explore natural products. They're good for you & the environment! :)
8. Oily skin types: Examine your diet, reduce fatty foods, salts & carbohydrates. Increase water intake!
9. Drink plenty of water! So important I had to say it again for everyone!
10. When in doubt, seek professional consultation. F.A.C.E. by K. Sweet provides skin analysis & consultation with every Facial Massage, Rolling Cream, Deep Cleansing & Makeup Application service. Email F.A.C.E. by K. Sweet for questions & appointments for services!

You're Beautiful!