Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hello Beautiful!

Spring is approaching! The rain is falling, nourishing the land & preparing for this year's bloom! What are you doing to prepare for Spring? Many of us break out the scrub brushes & industrial strength cleaners, fill some garbage bags with old clothes & linen & get to cleaning house! That's an awesome thing- decluttering your space, but have you considered decluttering your FACE?

Facial massage & skin care treatments are an excellent way of turning back the hands of time. Not only are these services relaxing & restful, there are many other benefits that, when properly performed, produce visible improvement in your skin tone, texture & appearance. Our skin naturally sheds every so often, & if we don't remove old skin cells our skin starts to appear lackluster, dried out & old! Aged skin also decreases in function over time. Nourishment & circulation declines, wrinkles form, & before you know it, you no longer recognize the person in the mirror.

Facial massage helps to reduce fat cells, increase blood circulation, stimulate & strengthen muscles & increase nourishment to the skin. Facial treatments leave the skin soft, & flexible & can relieve pain & tension in the face, scalp & neck. Renew yourself with an exfoliating facial massage to remove old worn out cells & leave your skin fresh, renewed & blinging with youthfulness! Bring in Spring, feeling & looking like a fresh bloom!

If you're in the metropolitan Los Angeles area & looking for a professional exfoliating facial massage, contact F.A.C.E. by K. Sweet @ 323 401 0744 to schedule an in-home pampering session! Bring me your tired, worn out & overworked skin, I'll provide the gift of a fresh, renewed, relaxed new you!


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