Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hello Loves!

First, let me apologize for my absence. As you know, I've been trained in Barber Artistry as well as Facial Artistry, & I was away preparing for my state licensure! Thank God, I am now a Licensed Professional. Thanks for your support. Much more to come from K. Sweet! Muah!

Today I just want to drop a little something on you regarding the most effective beauty tool you possess: YOUR SPIRIT!

Inside of all of us there is a portion of our make up that exists to serve as a guide, comforter & confidante. It's that support system when we need a push! It's that stop sign before we make bad decisions. It's that hand we hold as we walk through tough times, & that assurance that things will work out fine. It's the reason you smile when bills are due & you have no money. It's the reason, if you're anything like me, people ALWAYS seem to strike up a conversation with you in public for no apparent reason. (LoL I used to wonder, 'why are they talking to me?')... DON'T DENY YOUR SPIRIT! If you tune in closely and listen intently, your spirit tells you the who's, what's, when's, and why's, & sometime the how's!

There's nothing more attractive than a beautiful spirit! No amount of cosmetics can hide the ugly in you! Some of the most visually beautiful people in the world have the UGLIEST spirits! You know them! You've come in contact with them. They may have rejected you at some point. NEVER ignore your spirit! OR the spirit of others for that matter. There's a solid Christian teaching that says 'do not believe every spirit but test the spirits,' meaning examine a person according to the spirit in them. Allow a person's spirit to speak for them & let the spirit in you assess who that person really is, for it is the truest judge of character.

We get so caught up in life that sometimes we begin to just go through the motions & that's not what life is about. Not sure who said it fist, but 'We are spiritual beings going through human experiences.' not the other way around! To be successful in life, you must be in tune with your spirit. Deep down inside of all of us there is a yearning to live right, do right! What is right? Ask your spirit. If you feel like you can't hear your spirit anymore, it's time to get reacquainted. Find a quiet place, meditate, pray, speak to your spirit. Link it with the spirit of the Creator & ask for guidance. Only then will you be able to FACE yourself, FACE your fears, FACE your talents & successes. Let it remind you how strong you are! Let it tell you how great you are! Let it tell you what choices to avoid! Let it use you! There's a King in you, Brother! There's a Queen in you, Sister! FACE YOUR SPIRIT!

We'll talk makeup applications & cosmetics real soon, but MY SPIRIT wanted to speak to your spirit today! Let that tidbit marinate in you a little bit & watch the beauty that's inside of you outshine all the made-up faces around you! Love yourself & one another! God bless!

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