Monday, February 20, 2012


Hello my loves!
Let's just get this part out of the way. You knew it would come! Let's just FACE it! Time to examine yourself; your strengths & your weaknesses! Only then, can you truly grow!

Just 41 days ago, I would wake up in the am & start my day with 1 or 2 cups of coffee, plenty of sugar & cream, & a cigarette. Throughout the day, I'd take in some potato chips, maybe a sandwich or some fast food, & at least 2-3 cans of Pepsi before sundown. (& of course, more cigarettes) For the most part, I'd complete my day with a balanced dinner, (I do love veggies & baked foods) but sometimes even that was replaced with fried chicken, fried fish or barbecue from my local BBQ spot & yes, another Pepsi, followed by a cigarette. (not to mention, dinner was served between the hours of 8 & 11 pm) I found myself waking up, low in energy & lacking motivation. Though I maybe ate only once or twice a day, I had gained so much weight & it didn't seem to be going anywhere. My skin had dried out & my face became pimple & blackhead city! I'd look in the mirror and think..." Whyyyyyyyyy?!?! "

I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out why I was so tired. I'm only 29, where had my energy gone? How do you wake up tired? That's just insane. And what was up with puberty on my face after 25??? Ughh! ... & then I considered my ways! It was me that was insane!!! How in the world could I pollute my body the way I was doing and expect a positive outcome? You're probably not as bad as me. Of course you're not, but you do know your faults just as well as I knew mine!

The word 'diet' has taken on such a negative connotation. In actuality, it simply refers to the foods you eat. Just like gassing your car up at the pump, the quality of the fuel you put into your body has a direct effect on the outcome that is produced. You feel this outcome in your daily activities, your movements, & your breathing. You see it in the shape of your body (or the lack thereof) & in the feel of your skin, on your body, & even moreso, on your FACE.

Our bodies are made up of various systems that work together to sustain themselves. With proper nutrition and activity, the body is able to carry out digestion, respiration, circulation, & movement. It senses things that will cause it to be sick, it fights against sickness, & regulates hormones, temperature & blood flow. It sends what it needs, where it needs it, as well as releases waste. Talk about multi-tasking! When any of these systems stops working to the best of it's abilities, other systems must work harder. In some cases hormonal imbalances occur or some parts just don't function properly & this is when we must seek medical advice. However, due to lack of nutrition or inactivity, problems occur that could be avoided & if not given immediate attention, these fixable problems can lead to serious illnesses & even disease. Lack of green vegetables can cause poor digestion at the least, but can lead to serious blood disorders. Lack of water can cause oil glands in the skin to back up (leading to acne) at the least, but it can also lead to bladder infection, toxicity in the blood & even kidney failure.

So, with all that being said, the bottom line is 'You REALLY are what you EAT!' Remember that food pyramid thing that they used to promote years ago? Guess what, it really works. It's necessary to eat well balanced meals throughout the day, everyday, to keep the body in proper working order, to better attack sickness & disease, & to keep the skin free & clear of acne, blackheads, pimples & disorders. It's important to flush our bodies with water to help it function properly & assist in releasing wastes. It's also important to eat regularly throughout the day to maintain a healthy metabolism. (that's just a big word to describe how our bodies break down food for energy)

Lower your sugar intake. Increase the fiber & raw foods you eat. Learn about Superfoods that assist with keeping the body regulated and healthy. Make a conscious decision to eat well & treat your body better. I made the change & I've never felt better. I guarantee you will not only feel great, but you'll also see the difference your food makes! Hope you enjoyed that little science lecture. More importantly, I hope you learned something. Reward yourself with an apple!

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