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I hope that yesterday's health review was beneficial to you in some shape, form or fashion. It's imperative that we focus on not just looking good but feeling good as well!

Now that we know how to keep our bodies healthy, let's talk about our most important asset, no not that one, the one we show off everyday: OUR FACE!

BeautyFact: The perfect foundation for ANY makeup application is a properly prepped FACE!!!

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, not everyone has figured this out yet. So let's get some understanding;

The skin is the largest organ of our bodies. It is living & active, consisting of several layers that work together to protect the body, regulate body temperature, absorb nutrients, release wastes, & detect pressure & temperature. (among other things) Sometimes referred to as the envelope of the body, the skin can be classified as normal, oily, dry, or combination. Healthy skin is slightly moist & flexible yet firm.

The skin of the face is often quite different from that of the body. This is why most facial skin cannot endure the use of heavier or more abrasive soaps that the body can handle. Your face is typically exposed to far more elements than your body. Your face is the first part of you to feel the cool morning breeze or the warmth of a hot sunshine on a summer day. It is attacked by the debris in the air & those fumes from that smog-inducing car you drive behind on the way to work. How many times a day do your hands come in contact with your face? What did your hands touch before they landed there? How many other people's hands touched those same things you touched before touching your face? Just think of all the things your face is exposed to on a regular basis & you may be a tad disgusted. That's why it's important to show your face some extra love & care to keep it in great condition.

Regardless to skin type, there are 3 key steps to preserving the quality of your facial skin, & they must be followed on a daily basis:


CLEANSING the skin removes all superficial dirt & waste products. Warm water & moist steam are two excellent facilitators to open the pores & allow deep cleansing to take place. You should always begin cleansing with 1-2 minutes of moist heat.EXFOLIATING cleansing involves removing dead skin cells to help unclog pores & reduce acne-causing bacteria. (PORES are small openings on the skin surface that serve as an escape route for sweat & oil) Skin sheds on an average of every 30 days & it is important to refresh the skin by removing dead cells & exposing the younger, newer skin cells beneath.
Learn more about the benefits of exfoliating!

TONING the skin involves the use of a toning lotion or wash to aid in further cleansing of the skin. Toners also remove makeup residue, refresh the skin & give the impression of reduced pore size. Toning will assist in keeping the skin taut & looking young by stimulating skin cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines & increasing blood circulation, which in turn provides the skin with more nourishment, leaving it healthy & vibrant. Toners with little to no alcohol are preferred for all skin types. Alcohol is a drying agent that is often used to dry out pimples, however it is too harsh on most skin. Oily skin types tend to use alcohol to remove oil from the skin but this, in fact, only stimulates skin to produce more oil.
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MOISTURIZING the skin sounds like a no brainer but many people neglect this step for different reasons. Moisturizing the skin replaces essential nutrients lost in the cleansing process. A good moisturizer has an SPF factor of no less than 15. It pprotects the skin & encourages even skin tone (color). Again, oily skin types tend not to moisturize believing this will cause them to appear more oily...MYTH! By not moisturizing, the skin is left dry & (because it is living & active) it recognizes this as a problem to be fixed. It signals oil glands to produce more oil to protect itself, thus leaving the skin more oily.
Find out which moisturizer is right for you!

Now you have a basic knowledge of Skincare. Follow the guidelines & look into the links for further information on the best foundation for any makeup application.


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