Sunday, February 19, 2012


Welcome to the beautiful world of F.A.C.E. by K. Sweet!

Facial Artistry Created Exclusively by K. Sweet is a dream I birthed while attending Barber College. A genuine lover of people; spirituality; creativity; arts; & healthy living, I sought to combine my interests & my unique personality within the world of health & beauty. 

I desire to encourage you to see the true beauty you possess inside, & express these gifts in a place where the world can behold it: Your FACE!!!

While I absolutely adore the facial artistry of the Avant Garde, Editorial & High Fashion genre, (& we will explore them here) I decided to first focus on the urban goddesses that blaze the concrete runways on a daily basis. I love to come in contact with women that have yet to realize the benefits of proper Skincare & Makeup Application. This woman, like a bud at it's bloom, opens up to see the beautiful & graceful rose that she is. Therein lies my joy!

Here you'll receive some tips that will assist you in creating flawless makeup applications that enhance your natural beauty, accentuating your natural features & disguising those that are less flattering.

Whether you choose to wear makeup or not, the principles of healthy skin care are those that must be understood. Here you'll find healthy skin care tips to keep your skin feeling great & looking youthful. Some of them you'll know & some may surprise you. 

Thank you for your support of this K. Sweet venture. As always, your patronage is most appreciated! 

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